Frugal Accomplishments

Five Frugal Things

Here are some ways that I have been frugal this past week:

1. Thieves oil


Essential oils can be really expensive, especially if you buy blended varieties.  One way that I save money is to blend my own thieves oil.  My son had a cold this past week and I have learned that by putting thieves oil on his feet, throat, and wrists before bedtime, helps him to sleep better and shorten the duration on the cold. (At least it seems that way!) I do not know how much I save by doing this, but I am sure its a lot and it beats going to the doctor any day:)

2. Free date night

Used a gift card to Chili’s for a much needed date night and made brownies with ice cream to enjoy when we came home.

3. Shredded cheese for $0.99

Kroger had a special Saturday sale on 8oz blocks of cheese for just $0.99, so I stocked up and bought ten.  We love our cheese:)

4. Had a no spend week 

One of my goals for this year is to have a no spend week each month.  The rules are that I can spend up to $50 on groceries and nothing else.  It worked out well this week because my pantry was already well-stocked, so I focused on cleaning/rearranging my house to stay out of the stores.

5. Scored lots of freebies for my $5 challenge

Beef stew for $1, free toothpaste, macaroni for $.49, cereal for $1, and two free Larabars (Someone ate the Larabars!)

Kroger had really great sales this past week that matched up with both digital and paper coupons, so I got a lot of free items to add to my stash that I will give out to local charities at the end of the month.

What are some ways that you have saved money this past week??

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