Goal Update for Week 1

I know it has only been a week since I posted my goals for the New Year, but I have accomplished a lot so far.

1.Walk at least 500 miles this year. (491 to go!)


This week I walked 9 miles, so I am off to a really good start.  **I did most of these miles indoors due to the bitter cold temperatures outside.  I really love the Leslie Sansone walking videos because I can do them if its raining for days on end or if it is way too cold to go outside for long periods of time.  If you add on some walking weights, it is even better!

2. Eat under 30 net carbs most days of the week

I did pretty well this week.  I stayed under 30 net carbs for 6 days and would have made it 7 days but my husband ordered Texas bacon cheese fries at Chili’s on our date night and well….I am only human!!

3. Add 12 new products to my Teachers pay Teachers store this year.

Well I haven’t added anything new this week, but I did switch one product to become a free sample item.  Hopefully, if someone tries out the free item and likes it, they might decide to buy another one:)

4. Have two date nights a month with my husband.

We had a gift card to Chili’s leftover from Christmas, so that is where we decided to go. (Those cheese fries were delicious too!)

5. Have two family game nights a month (Dessert included…but I restrained myself)

We actually had our family game night last night after we came home from our date night.  We played Moustache Smash, Bananagrams, Old Maid, and enjoyed brownies topped with ice cream.

6. Plan to have one no spend week each month. (monthly goal accomplished)

I decided to go ahead and do my no spend week this past week, because I was pretty well stocked up on most things already.  My rules for my no spend week are that I can spend up to $50 during the week if I need it on groceries but no additional shopping.  I stayed under $50 pretty easily and actually could have spent way less, but Kroger was having some amazing sales on things I usually stock up on.

7. Read twelve 24 non-fiction books this year


I decided to update this goal because I really think I can manage to read at least two non fiction books a month (I might increase it to 48 next!)  This past week I actually read two non-fiction books I found in the homeschooling section at the library.  They both had some really great ideas on finding cheap resources to use for homeschool and some really great websites that we can use to learn about various subjects for free.

8. Buy nothing new this year

I bought nothing new at all besides food items and toothpaste, so I did great!

9. $5 a week challenge (See how much I can buy for just $5 to donate to a local charity)


Kroger had some really great sales this week that magically matched up with both paper and digital coupons so I scored four toothpastes for free, Kraft macaroni and cheese for $.49 each, Dinty Moore beef stew for $1, Kroger cereal for $1, and two free Larabars thanks to the Free Friday Digital download.  **I will be saving up all of my weekly findings and donating them to local charities at the end of the month

I am really excited about sharing all of my goal updates with you this year, because I think it will help me to be more accountable and hopefully be able to check off every goal! So thanks for reading:)


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