Family Fun

Family Game Night

I have always loved playing games and ever since my children were born, I have been impatiently waiting for them to get old enough to play games.  While my littlest is not old enough for a lot of games, we have found certain games that we all enjoy playing.

mustache game

One game that we found this past Christmas is called Moustache Smash. (My six year old especially loves it)  I thought it sounded cheesy but it is surprisingly fun.  Basically everyone has a different plastic mustache on a stick that has a little suction cup on the end.  When a card is played with either the color or shape of your moustache, then you can “smash it” before someone else hits it.  There are also Moustache Pass cards that randomly appear which force you to trade your moustache to the next person, so you have to remember which moustache you have before the next card is played.  If you hit a card that is not your color or shape you have to put two of your own cards in the pile and the person to hit the next card played wins the whole pile.  The game ends when there are no new cards to play and the person with the most cards is the winner.

Reasons we love this game:

  • It is fun for so many age levels.  Some games are either boring for the adult or the child, but not this one. We have had players from 6 to 66 years old and they have all loved it. We all giggle and heckle each other the entire game.
  • It is really fast paced.  Some games drag on and on, but we usually play this game at least four times a night, if not more!
  • The moustache sticks are very durable.  This is a good thing because you really have to slap the cards hard to get them before someone else does.
  • Contains six very different moustaches.  Its nice to have a good variety to choose from and each mustache is really different, so everyone usually has a favorite one they pick each game.  Also, while waiting for the next card to be played, you have to keep the moustache on your face, so of course it makes the person opposite of you laugh to see you wearing these outlandish moustaches:)

mustache and kids

If you are looking for a new family game to play that is fun for all ages, definitely try out Moustache Smash! You will not regret it:)

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