Frugal Accomplishments

Five Frugal Things

Here are some of the ways that I saved money this week:

1.Lots of freebies from Kroger

Kroger is having a promotion called the 25 Merry Days of Savings.  Everyday they are either offering free items that you can download onto your store card or really high priced coupons that make most items almost free.  I have been trying to remember to do this because #1. It is free and #2. Free is always fun:)

Even when Kroger is not running this promotion they offer a digital coupon for a free item every Friday.  Sometimes the items are not things we use, but other times they are treats that my family loves like Jell-o and cinnamon rolls…yum!

All you have to do to receive these items is to have a Kroger card and open an account on their website to download the digital coupons to your card.  Free stuff people, free stuff.

Everything was free in this picture except the cinnamon rolls and they were only 49 cents with a digital coupon

2.Tried out a cheaper detergent

My husband is a big, gruff guy but surprisingly he has really delicate skin, so I try to buy only non-fragrance laundry detergent (Like All Free & Clear) to avoid any reactions.  I recently came upon Purex Free & Clear and since it was on sale and I had a coupon, I got to try it for $1.99.  I am so glad I did! It works just the same as All and is considerably cheaper as well, so that is definitely frugal in my opinion.


3.Dollar Tree face wash will not melt your face off!

I have been eyeballing this bottle of face wash at the Dollar Tree for a few months now.  The only thing holding me back was an obscure article I read years ago, that warned against knock-off hygiene products from the Dollar Tree that were made in China.  Apparently, there were certain chemicals in some of the products that the FDA did not like or something, so I had it in my mind that my face would melt off if I tried this supposedly toxic cleanser.  Well….it did not! I got home and compared the ingredients to my current facial cleanser and surprisingly they were almost identical.  I also like this cleanser better than my other one because it is thicker, which means I need less product to get a great lather. So it is a winner for sure at just $1 a bottle.


4.Combined coupons with Kroger’s Buy 5, Save $5 promotion

I love sales, but when you add on coupons that makes it even better!  This week Kroger had some pretty amazing deals that I combined with some digital coupons to maximize my savings.  Like cream cheese for just 70 cents and peanut butter for just 49 cents. Definitely stock up prices!

5.Bought health insurance

After figuring out our projected income for 2018, I found out that we will be saving $250 a month on health insurance by buying a cheaper policy through the Health Insurance Marketplace.  So that definitely deserves a mention on my frugal list!


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