Frugal Accomplishments

Five Frugal Things

Here are five ways that I saved money this past week:

1.Scored a Christmas gift for  0.49¢!

A few weeks ago, I received a coupon in the mail for a free Venus razor.  I was excited when I received this coupon, because my daughter happens to love Venus razors and this would make a nice Christmas gift for her. (As great as these razors are, they are quite expensive, especially considering that I can get most disposable razors for free with coupons) But free is free!

My daughter also loves the shaving creams that Gillette makes, so when I saw that Kroger was running a deal on shaving creams for $1.49, I knew I needed to jump on that offer. (Oh did I forget to mention that I had a $1 off coupon also?? Well I did!) So for 0.49¢, I got a brand new razor with 3 extra heads and a great smelling shaving cream that my daughter is sure to love 🙂

2.Said yes to leftovers

This year, we went to Auburn, AL (War Eagle!!!) to spend Thanksgiving with my husband’s family.  Before we left, my wonderful mother-in-law sent us home with a ton of delicious leftovers. ** I decided to include these leftovers in my Five Frugal Things post because by snacking on turkey and rolls in the car, we avoided eating out on the way home.  So that’s definitely a frugal win!

3.Heated our home with free firewood

Since we had such a mild winter last year, we had a good amount of really dry firewood leftover to get us started on this year’s woodpile.  We decided that we would probably not have to buy any firewood until after the New Year, if at all….then a tropical storm hit our area.  An elderly neighbor had a huge oak tree fall in her yard (missed the house, but totaled two of her cars!) so another neighbor and my husband offered to help cut up the tree.  In return, my husband was encouraged to take as much wood as he wanted, because the lady’s son was planning on burning anything left behind.  So he gladly took her up on that offer!

4.Used gas points

Luckily, I remembered that I had gas points that I needed to use before they expired. So I made sure to fill up at that particular gas station when we returned from our Thanksgiving trip.

5. Got all I could out of nearly empty products

Did you know that when some containers are “empty”, they might still contain enough product for a couple more uses?  Well they do! This past week, I got all I could out of a liquid detergent bottle, an almost empty A1 sauce bottle, and a body wash container by simply adding a little water and then shaking them up to get the last drop from each container.  I also am proud to say that I finally scraped the last bit of chapstick out of a container that I have been working on using up for two years!

What were some of the ways that you saved money this past week?


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