Saving you $$$

Saving You $$$

Each Wednesday, I will post three money saving ideas that will help you to save money in your everyday life.  Now not all of these ideas will be exciting or groundbreaking, but every little bit helps and according to one of my favorite thrifty phrases “A penny saved is a penny earned.”

Menu Plan, Menu Plan, Menu plan

A huge chunk of the average American family’s income is spent on food.  While it is not always glamorous, we all know the cheapest way to feed our family is to eat at home.  Now, I know many people go multiple times to the grocery store throughout the week and that is totally OK if you can restrict yourself to buying only the items on your list.  But let’s be honest, there will always be something that catches your eye and makes its way into your grocery cart.  An easy way to avoid this money pitfall is to make a weekly menu plan and stick to it.

Take snacks with you while running errands(Especially if you have kids)

I cannot estimate the amount of money I have saved by taking a snack and a drink for my kids while running errands. Someone is always hungry or thirsty at some point in our trip to town and they always beg for a snack or a drink in the store.  By simply planning ahead, I can have one of their favorite snacks and drinks waiting in the car to enjoy on the ride home.  So its a win-win situation!

Use the library

If you are going to have to pay taxes no matter what, why not get something useful out of it.  The library is a wonderful way you can save money.  Besides having so many wonderful books to offer, most libraries have DVDs, books on tape, internet access, story times, community programs, book clubs, CDs, ebooks, and so much more.  Instead of having to buy the latest book or movie, just run into these wonderful establishments that you are already paying for, and treat yourself to some free entertainment.

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